These days you have so many choices of where to do your taxes. What makes JE & SONS Multi-service different from all the rest? We would have to say that is our passion for helping people. To put it simply, we quite simply care (A LOT) about every client we serve. We also understand that every client's tax situation is different and therefore requires personalized attention.

Open Year round for Your Convenience!

When you attempt to talk to them, are they working their off-season job? Not us! We are Tax Professionals and that’s our primary business. We are dedicated to helping you with your tax preparations needs — any time, any day you need us. We even list the owner’s cell phone for emergencies!

Need Tax Help Outside Tax Season?

It’s not too late to file 2013', 2012', and 2011'. We can file up to 20 years when needed.

You can file up to 20 years back when required and we’re always here to help. We make it painless to help you file your prior returns. Every year we help clients get back on track, filing as much as 20 years back.

We fix online tax filing mistakes

We can go back up to three years and correct mistakes made by you or another tax preparer. Take advantage of this service! Call or contact us for a free consultation and second look of your returns for up to three years.

Tax Planning

Many times, our everyday lives take a turn that requires us to take another look at our tax situation. If you have experienced a change in your life like a new baby, new home, new marriage, change in career, etc. you should re-evaluate your tax liabilities.

Last Pay Stubs – Did you file from your last pay stub? Did you know it is against the IRS rules to do so? Why? Because more than 50% of returns filed from last pay stubs are wrong. More often than not money is left on the table! We can help you fix “last pay stub” tax filing and we will give you a free estimate to see if it is worth changing the return.

Got the W-4 blues?

Your employer hands you this form and you do not know how to fill it out so that you protect yourself the best way possible. How many deductions should you claim during the year? How do you know that you are telling the government to take out enough yet not taking out too much? We can help complete this for you. FOR FREE!

Are You Starting a Business?

If so, we also provide a “Business entity formation assistance” service. We will advise and help you select the correct business entity for your needs. All of the paperwork required in order to file for an LLC, can be done for you in record time. And, you can rest assured that it’s done correctly the first time. A minor mistake in filing could lead to a big problem later on. Have your business set up right the first time so you can concentrate on what you do best – providing your products and/or services to your customers.

Some of our personal services include:

  • Income Tax Preparation
  • W2s & 1099
  • Tax Return Amendments
  • Tax Planning


  • Notary Public
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • IRS notice resolution